Due to our leading position in the market, we strive to go beyond our statutory obligations with regard to being a good force in society, creating a safe workplace and minimizing our environmental impact.


Hydroscand's work in the area of quality, environment and sustainability is characterized by responsibility, transparency, ethical behaviour and respect. The purpose of our sustainability work is to strengthen the basis for creating long-term value that contributes to sustainable development. An important part of this is to take responsibility for the impact that our activities and decisions have on society, the people around us and the environment.


Sustainability and Social Responsibility

At Hydroscand we believe it is important to take responsibility and we work with sustainability in the same way in our business. We run a full recycling program and dispose of all our own spent (used and old) rubber hose through a controlled hazardous waste safe disposal service provider.

Hydroscand is involved in a school project in Kwazulu Natal, providing much needed support for capital improvement and projects, library and media centre contributions, computers as well as scholarships for high acieving scholars. Read more about Hydroscand's school project in South Africa on our website.


ISO certification

Hydroscand  is quality certified according to ISO 9001: 2015. 





 Read about the quality and environmental work at group level at Hydroscand.com


Hydroscand strives to build long-lasting and strong relationships with customers, which requires consistently high quality. By quality we mean that our products and services must meet or exceed the customer's requirements. As part of this, we are ISO certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


Hydroscand works according to an environmental policy that is intended to reduce our environmental impact in order to contribute to a cleaner environment. We run a full recycling program for all our waste and all our spent rubber hoses are disposed of in a safe hazardous waste disposal site. 


Hydroscand works in many ways with sustainability in Sweden, which is documented in a sustainability report. The report is only available on Swedish. 

Read Hydroscand sustainability report in Swedish here >

Hydroscand’s school projects in South Africa

Hydroscand is actively working to support various operations in Appelsbosch, Kwazulu Natal, where we are involved in the primary school and the pre-school. Hydroscand also awards scholarships annually to the school's top achievers. The scholarship gives students the opportunity to complete a high school education funded by Hydroscand. 

HDTC-Hydroscand Design and Test Center

Our hoses and fluid connectors are thoroughly tested in our modern test laboratory, so that you can feel safe when you buy a hose from Hydroscand.


We work actively with safety in order to ensure a safe working environment for our employees, but also in order to provide information that increases safety for you as a customer. One example is the safety data sheets for the chemicals sold in Hydroscand's branches, which you can obtain on request.

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